These 3 Habits Will Transform The Life Of An Introvert.


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So, as we already know, habits are the major factor that transforms the life of an individual, this is true since it appears to be that a huge part of our life is dictated by our habits.

Og Mandino in his book, The Greatest Sales Man In The World puts it this way, “Good habits brings an individual closer to success in life, while bad habits, easy to form and hard to live with, move one father from success.”

While our habits help define and create our futures, an introvert that is sure to be successful and powerful in life has these habits in their toolboxes.

If you are someone who prefers solitude and can easily do without social interactions and would like to take the challenge of becoming the best that you can be, then I will strongly suggest that you begin to practice and develop these habits for yourself as it will elevate you in life. 

However, if you already practice these traits as a way of life, then I must applaud you for your boldness to be different. And I encourage you to keep up the good work as it will surely pay off.


Habit #1. Reading.


Reading is an intricate part of real powerful introverts. 

“Be nice to a nerd, chances are you will end up working for one.” —Bill Gates

If you have an introvert guy that is highly obsessed with reading, stick closer and give him some hats off, he knows where he is going, and he will surely get there. 

Throughout history, real great men have been interviewed thousands of times, to determine the major cause of their greatness, and what was found in common of these  men was that each developed the habit of reading and learning new things at a point in their lives, and they never missed a day without reading even when in the hospital.


This article is not to criticize extroverts or people who enjoy social gathering—everyone has the right to live their life as they chose for themselves— but if you think of it, most people will find it extremely difficult to devote an hour every day to reading and expanding their horizons. So, for an introvert to have the will and actually do it, it is something to be proud of.

One major factor that makes people get the most benefit from countless hours of studies is the fact that,  99% of them reads with a goal in mind. They study with a specific objective in mind. Either to learn a new skill or to gain more awareness about something, but either way, they all read with a goal in mind. 

It not only makes them highly focused on the subject at hand, but it makes them digest information as easy as soaking a sponge with soapy water.

Keep in mind that this one difference that separates the average reader from the genius reader can be engineered. And the way it is engineered is as follows:  

  1. By writing down a precise reason, why you are picking up a book to study in the first place.
  2. By understanding the potential value studying the book will provide.
  3. By being clear on the importance of reading the book in regards to your goals(long term, short term.)

All your actions must have a clear reason at the back of it. This invincible quality is what serves as the fire behind every genius.


Habit #2. Harmony.


True introverts have this superior quality

It is great for an introvert to be in harmony with people and everyone around, but the harmony I am talking about here is harmony with the Subconscious Mind. The ability to cultivate a harmonious relationship with his Higher Mind. This one habit sets a true introvert up for greatness in his life. 

It makes him accomplish far more than all of his average counterparts.

This is true since harmony enables him to find superior favor before his other mind(The One Mysterious Mind) and access his true genius.  

Where you find an individual that is extremely calm and seems unshaken no matter the situation that befalls him or that confronts him, understand that this person has a firm relationship with his higher Mind, the One Supreme Mind that governs the universe, and as such, he is not moved by mere reflections of reality. 

In fact, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Eleanor Roosevelt etc,  have become super geniuses because of this simple discovery they made; that there lives within all men, a consciously living infinite intelligence, and that each man can develop an unwavering faith and harmonious relationship with this Immense Force.


Einstein made this clear when he said that all men can tap into their never-ending stream of intuition to get ideas to solve their own life challenges and the worlds.

However, such a harmonious state of mind can be created in the mind of anyone who wishes to reunite with the Father—The Supreme Creator Of All Life. All it requires is for you to consciously open your mind.  

Thoughts are communicated directly to God and they bring back their equivalent realities in the life of the thinker, as the scripture puts it, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Coming to understand this great Truth changes the life of an introvert forever.

Now it makes sense to be an introvert since he is happy being alone but not actually alone. An introvert can more easily and silently converse with his Higher Mind, share his burdens and goals with It because of the fact that he has a strong harmonious relationship with It.


But most people ask, How can I create this mental state?

1. The first thing you do is learn how to be grateful for the simple things in your life. Most of us lose this connection due to our ego choices. We are too concerned with the troubles of getting the things we want in life and often times forget to give thanks for the simple things we already have.

 It is common for every man to go through series of challenges and tests in life, but the simple way to overcome these trials is not to struggle and argue with them but to simply accept them and even give thanks for them, understanding that everything is perfect the way they are.

 I tell you, such a mental state is TRANSFORMATIONAL. It produces an intense harmony with the Mind Of God. You can, therefore, be in this world but not of it. By actually giving thanks for things in life that will usually throw someone else off-balance.

2. The next thing you need to understand is that thoughts are electrical forms of energy, whatever the mind thinks, the body will experience. Awareness is the foundation of enlightenment. By being conscious and aware of your mental processes, you can focus your thought energy more on the things you want and become united with your Higher Self.



Habit #3. Learn To Love.


Introverts are known to be very lovable.

We may not always be found in social gatherings but we are pretty lovely people.


I am yet to see an introvert who doesn’t have some attitude that makes him lovely.

This particular habit, whether the love of God or the love of humanity or the love of something or someone makes a genius introvert very passionate and obsessed when it comes to getting things done. 

Love produces an immense desire and drive that makes failure seem impossible to us. 

Most times, it is the love of love itself that makes introverts rise to the top. That love of being a part of something greater outside of him. 

Love conquers all. 

However, a mind can be so dominated by love, when all thoughts of fear, hate, pain, lack have been washed off. 

A mind void of all negative emotions allows the mind to function optimally.

Negative emotion like loneliness or bitterness held in the mind hampers the mind from operating at its most brilliant levels. You need to focus on the thought in your head, as thoughts attract thoughts of a similar nature. Thoughts of hate or fear or loneliness will ultimately attract similar thoughts but in higher or lesser degrees, while thoughts of love and compassion will only attract more and more love.




These 3 habits once cultivated will propel the life of an introvert into a truly powerful human being. 

Neuroplasticity, as a branch of neurology, has long identified the ability of the brain to form and stick to new habits when repeated often for a certain period of time usually 30 – 90 days. 

Being an introvert means you are a gift to your world, you only need to harness that gift, and forge yourself into a great, confident and powerful human being that you were born to be. One that will change the world.

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  1. It was awesome reading it.
    Reading is also I think one of the good habits everyone should develop.
    Thank you and keep going.
    Also do I had a suggestion. All the fonts were bold and cossy so I think the fonts can be improved.


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