How I Overcame Poverty, Changed A Negative Money Blueprint And Became Free.

How to eliminate negative money blueprint and be free financially.

Hey there! Nice to have you read this article.

Having a negative money blueprint can be really frustrating to deal with when you are trying to manifest more riches in your life. In fact, it is the major source of poverty in people life. There is not a single person who wouldn’t want to have more money. It is true that the more you have, the more you can afford.

However, the good life is often not available to people because of the negative beliefs and blueprint they have established over time. If you think you are tired with your money situations: not being able to provide for the people you love and care about, not being able to take care of yourself the way you would like etc.

You have to first understand that (A) You can become free from money problems, and (B) It takes courage to be able to test and implement new ideas.

These are all natural desires we all have. Being able to live life in our own way, and the more financial freedom you have, the more things you are able to control.

However, at the end of the day, despite our righteous and sincere heart desires, only a few get to make it to the land of freedom.

In this article, you are going to learn:

  • What a negative blueprint is. How it is established in us, and how you can begin to change it.

  • How your thoughts are creating the experiences you are having, and how you can begin to change your life experiences by simply paying more attention to your thoughts and changing negative thought patterns from dominating your mind.

  • Why it is important you are sure of what you truly desire most in life.

  • How to change your negative money blueprint by planting new empowering beliefs and mindset.

  • The mistake that people make with giving, and how “giving” can actually change your life when you do it correctly.

  • Why it is important to take action on your dream.

So, what is the line that separates the rich from the poor?

Well, sit back and relax because, in this post, we are going to be looking at the main cause of most people’s financial struggles. And guess what, because they are all deep subconscious causes, they are almost never figured out.

Figuring this out for yourself can change your life, although I am not trying to make any claims here whatsoever. However, these principles are well grounded in science and new discovery about the human potential. So, take this message for what it’s worth to you.

Before we begin, lets take a look at the key term here.

What Is A Negative Money Blueprint?

Having a negative money blueprint will always leave you broke and looking for help.

Before we even try to understand why we struggle financially or why there is not always enough money left for us before the end of the month, it is important that we understand what our Money Blueprint is.

The term “Money Blueprint” was coined by the writer T Harv Eker in his book Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind” which I strongly suggest you grab and digest. Simply put, the term describes a man’s ability or inability to make money in life.

While many of us are not aware of the programs our brain receives, most of us are not even aware that these programs are negative in regards to money.

So, to make this clear, let me attempt to explain it in the simplest way possible. Our so-called “money blueprint” begins to develop alongside our self-concept as we grow up. So, for example, when a child is born, there is no conscious mind present yet in the child, which is why kids are completely clueless of what a hot stove is because they lack the ability to think.

However, every word that comes to the ear, images that pass the eyes, smells that come to the senses is accepted and recorded by the subconscious mind. As the child begins to grow, he begins to form his self-concept due to the data that has been already been recorded in his subconscious mind.

Now it depends on the things stored in the subconscious mind that’s going to determine what the child’s self-concept will be. For example, if the child is born and grew up in an environment where the parent always quarreled and complained about money. Perhaps every time he gets bombarded with the words; “Son, we can’t afford this or that” or the mother complaining “All these bills coming in, how are they gonna get paid” or the dad saying “Do you think we pluck money from the tree?”

You get the idea? If these are the types of words the kid is exposed to, then, automatically and subconsciously, he is being conditioned with that belief, that reality that there is not always enough money, and that money is hard to make, and that money does not come by easily. As a result, he unconsciously begins to develop his own money blueprint which in this case is negative, due to the information recorded by his subconscious.

Our blueprint is very important to us because it is what determines how much we are able to control in life, how much we can create and how we generally respond and react in regards to money. While some person’s blueprint may be at $40,000 a year income, for example, someone else’s might be at $1,400,000 a year income. At the same time, someone else’s blueprint might be hundreds of million dollar income per year.

The main point I’m driving is that our blueprint goes a long way in affecting the things we are able to afford in our lives: the house we live in, the cars we drive, the overall standard of our lives, the people we are friends with etc.

So before you ask yourself the MAIN question: What is my money blueprint?

Let us take a look at some ways we can change our money blueprint.

Step 1. Accept The Truth.

Unleashing the powers of your mind will enable you to break negative money blueprint and help you live life in freedom

The truth they say can be ugly but TRUTH will always remain TRUTH. Henry Ford who said, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are absolutely right” meant that for a reason. 

Did you know your mind has the powers to create whatever it can conceive? Did you know the human mind is so POWERFUL that it produces in our lives whatever is planted in it, whether or not we are conscious of it?

Changing our lives begins with accepting the truth. Each and every moment, our minds are conditioned, whether by our own thoughts of what is happening around us or by others thought expressed in words. These words may be positive or negative, the mind is simply indifferent and will accept anything planted in it.

You can go here if you would like to learn about the powers of your mind.

The way we go about changing our own money blueprint is unlearning an old blueprint which is the “money is hard to earn” blueprint, and change it to “I make money easily” blueprint. The truth of this matter is that, for change to take place in our outward lives, that idea of change—in this case, our money blueprint— has to be cemented firmly in our minds. So, when we believe at a deeper level of heart and mind that we indeed find it easy to make money, then we can say we have a new money blueprint.

There are other kinds of money blueprint that people can have, but we are only focusing on how to change a negative financial blueprint in this article. No matter what your blueprint is, it is what you are going to manifest in your life. So for example, if you believe that money doesn’t last for long in your hand, then you are programming a kind of blueprint that will work hard in ensuring that money doesn’t stay with you. No matter how much money you make, you will always find yourself sliding down to the point where you have nothing, or you simply lose everything you had. This explains why most people who win the lottery always end up broke.

                      Action Exercise

  • The only thing you have to do in this step is accept the fact and the truth that, every thought you think in regards to money, every word you speak, every action you take in regards to money is conditioning your mind, and once conditioned, your mind will work similarly to express those programs in your outward experience. This is why there are so many innocent poor people in the world. People who have not been schooled about the inner workings of the human mind.

Another way to go about this is to begin to watch the things you think about at all times. Become a watchman to your mind and your thought. See how your thoughts are generated including negative thought patterns. The mind plays a trick on us the same way a cat likes to play with the rat. Every time your mind tells you something is not possible, or that something will not work out fine, or that you don’t always have money for yourself, or that you are broke—even though in reality this is practically true— change it immediately. Never accept a negative idea from your mind, even though in practical experience it seems to be true. That is the trick.

Everything you are experiencing now is what you have allowed and accepted to sink into your higher mind, so if you want to change the experiences in the future, begin to do so by now allowing and accepting negative ideas every time they come up. Again, even though you are practically experiencing it.


Step 2. Be Sure Of What You Want Out Of Life.

what do you want in life

Although this article is not designed in a systematical order for you to follow, you can choose to learn and adopt any step you chose according to what is congruent with you, however, this seems like the stage two of the process.

You have to know what you truly want in life. Naturally, we all have desires, things we would like to be, do or have. But every time they come up, our own idea of reality tends to block us from it making us believe that it is simply impossible to achieve our goals and live our dreams.

In that case, so many people tend to believe in the tiny little voice in their head. Gradually, we stop thinking about how we can achieve our goals and instead start think of why we cannot achieve our goals, listening to what our minds are telling us about our reality.

Here’s the truth, it is possible that you can achieve your goals, live your dream, become more fulfilled than you’ve ever been, regardless of where you are in life right now. In fact, the powers of the mind don’t care what reality is, it can do anything you conceive and believe in. Napoleon Hill made this clear when he said that “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

The reason people don’t get to enjoy life as they would want is that they have chosen that the things they once yearned for are impossible to achieve. They simply give up on their dreams and in the face of shame and lack of control in their lives, they tend to give countless excuses for their quitting.

Be sure of what you want in life! Life is short. Don’t think because you weren’t born rich—as a matter of fact, we are born with rich potentials— that you don’t deserve to live rich. There is nothing wrong with being rich. We are created to live that way. However, our own limiting beliefs put a wall between us and the life we are destined to live.

To begin with, make a firm decision. Although nobody makes a conscious decision to live poor, the vast majority of people who are actually poor become so unconsciously. By not being aware of what is really going on in their minds.

What kind of life do you want to live? Rich, Average, middle class or even poor? It is sad to think that some persons actually have the beliefs that they are meant to live poor and they it is their FATE to be poor.

Note this: You are never meant to live poor! None of Gods creatures were created with lack and scarcity in MIND! Everything including you was created to live in overabundance, just as there is an overabundance for the birds of the sky, the fishes of the sea, the animals on land.

The only thing that is required to change for us to reap the good fruit is our own belief of what is possible for us. If we think we can live our dreams then we make it actually possible for us to live our dreams. But if we think it is impossible for us to live our dreams, then we make it impossible for us. I strongly urge you to believe you can live the life you desire. Tell it to yourself 50 to 100 times a day, “I CAN LIVE THE LIFE OF MY DREAMS.” 

If the thought comes that it’s impossible for you to achieve your goal, do not accept it as true, instead, remind your mind of what YOU chose to believe in, and that is, you can live your dream.

                  Action Exercise

  • Believe it is possible to live the life you desire because it actually is. Millions of people around the world are testifying daily to the wonder-working powers of their mind. Sick patients are reported mysteriously cured of different sort of ailments simply by believing they can be healed.

If you want to enjoy your life while there is still time left for you, begin by developing the belief that you can have anything you want, do anything you want, and be whoever you want here on this planet. Re-create yourself. Keep in mind that believing takes time to develop, so don’t worry when you tell yourself you believe in something and your mind says “No you don’t!” However, by constant repetition and reminding your mind of your new beliefs and programming(that anything is possible,) it begins to learn and adopt it as your new way of thinking. The preceding statement is backed by new research in neuroscience which I will recommend you check out.


Step 3. Plant A Prosperity Consciousness And Constantly Nurture It.

to eliminate an old money blueprint, you need to program a new prosperity consciousness
Imagine prosperity for yourself and your family.

Another important and critical step in restoring a new money blueprint, one that permits money to constantly flow to you easily is installing a new money consciousness. Before we delve into this technique, there is something you need to be aware of. So many people do not understand that money is simply a form of energy. And it flows!

Because so many people are not conscious of this fact, their energies and the natural universal energy that ultimately produces riches is not aligned. And when your energies are not aligned with the universal energy of wealth creation, there is no amount of labor you do, money will not flow to you.

An example of someone who is not attuned to the energy of creating riches may think that “money is the root of evil” or “more money brings more problem” etc.

I am sure you have heard one of these statements from someone you know.

Beliefs are the key that opens the “money tap” if you will, and allow money flow to you. Keep in mind that beliefs can also shut the tap from flowing, and instead allow money flow in tiny drops. But once your beliefs are set right, then it acts like an opener and brings down the barrier to the flow of money in your life.

But how do we set the belief right? How do we make our minds attract money to us?

These are the two questions I often hear a lot. One thing you should understand is that before money begins to appear in your bank account, you have to have it first in your “mind account.”

That is, you have to see yourself first in your mind’s eyes already in possession of the specific money you desire.

It is the feeling you get by merely thinking about it that sets the creative forces into motion and bring you the opportunities that will ultimately make your mind acquisitions come to life.

When I talk to people and ask, how much would you like to have? 

Most persons will answer by saying they need more money than they can have.

This simply means you don’t know what exactly what you want, and when you don’t know what you want, you don’t get sh*t!

See yourself in possession of the exact amount you want in mind, living and doing the things you would do if you had the money right now.

For example, if you want to take trips, live in beautiful apartments, and drive fancy cars, you first need to imagine yourself doing these things in your mind.

                       Action Exercise

  • The SIMPLEST way I can suggest to develop a prosperity belief/consciousness is to repeatedly plant the idea in your mind.

Form a group of words regarding financial abundance and constantly repeat it in your mind over and over again until it becomes a belief.

The words you form might be “I am always surrounded by money,” or I have the ability to create a large amount of money.” 

Whatever your words are, once formed, make a ritual to think them always. Say them out loud to yourself. Repeat it at every chance you get hundreds of times daily and even then, don’t stop.

Here’s the catch, the more you repeat these words, the more your subconscious mind or your higher mind accepts them as TRUE.

This is how our beliefs are formed. Through constant repetition of certain words and thoughts, we find ourselves always saying them because they have formed part of our beliefs.

Keep in mind that the subconscious mind cannot distinguish between $5 and $5,000,000. So it is wise for you to program It with an abundance consciousness.

The steps to programming your mind to attract BIG money is actually easy, however, the not-so-easy part is that once you begin to think certain thoughts, you are not allowed to think otherwise or even entertain your old thoughts of lack and scarcity.

The moment you allow an old thought enter into your consciousness, it has the potential to check all your new programming, hence, the reason thinking has become the most difficult task in all of human history.

It is very easy for an average man to form new thoughts, but it is also very difficult for him to stay true to his new thoughts. He is constantly swayed by random events and circumstances happening all around him, therefore, he has no control to actually focus his mind on only the things he wants.

The only job you have if you want to change your money blueprint is to think prosperity thoughts at all time, ignore thoughts of lack and scarcity even though you may be practically experiencing scarcity.

It is the images you have in mind in regards to money that will influence and affect the flow of money to you. If for example, you have images of lack and scarcity, then you can be sure that this is the reality your mind is going to produce.

Keep in mind that: the mind thinks and the body experiences.

Have you ever wondered why you want to buy something, but you tend to go for a cheaper quality instead of a really high-quality one?

When it comes to money, how you think and feel about it affects your behaviors around it.

So the bottom line here is this: after you have formed your new thoughts and ideas of prosperity, then you must make it a ritual and really impress these ideas deeply into your being until it becomes a solid part of your behavior.

Repeat these thoughts hundreds of time each day every day. What you are really after is the belief that you are in fact rich and prosperous, and that you have the ability to make any amount of money you want. Once you have that belief deeply rooted, you will never have to doubt yourself.

Much like you don’t doubt 2 * 2 = 4

This is the reason for so many people’s case, they simply don’t believe they CAN.

It is your belief that makes the magic happen.

Step 4. Allow Money Flow From You To Others Freely.

To break negative money blueprint, you must become a giver.
Be a giver

To really begin to cement your new idea that money comes to you easily and that you are prosperous, there are some things or sacrifice that you must make and form as part of your lifestyle.

A moment ago, we explained that money is only an energy that flows right?

Now the question is this, will you receive it if it had not flown to you? No!

Do not be deceived that you have to work for money in order to make money.

Putting in the work is important(as we will discuss in the next step) but it is your actions, words, thoughts about money that determines everything.

Have you ever heard the old saying “GIVERS NEVER LACK”?

This can only be the truth since the universe recognizes someone that lives as a source to others.

If you have ever given from your pocket to someone down the street who didn’t have anything to eat and he actually got food to eat because of you, you have acted as a source of blessing in the life of that person, (the receiver) these things will come back to you multiplied. This is not philosophy, this is physics”

The most important—and yet most overlooked— thing you can ever learn is the GOLDEN RULE: “DO TO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE IT DONE TO YOU.”

There is a reason Jesus in the scripture as was teaching the GOLDEN RULE said: for this is the essence of the all teachings and all the prophets.” “do to others as you would have it done to you.”

This rule explains the basic functioning mechanism of how the universe actually works. That if you want to have something maybe like an experience or something material, then you must cause another person to experience that same thing that you wish you have.

And as you cause someone else to experience it, in other words, as you allow that energy to flow through you to someone else, it sticks to you, causes the energy in you to expand as it makes certain that there is enough to flow through.

The expansion of that energy causes you to experience a feeling of “havingness:” That which I give I already have or I couldn’t be giving it.

Most people who have no understanding how this law works, think they will start giving out to others the moment they have enough. Wrong!

If you think like that, then I will advise you change your way of thinking. You don’t begin to give when you have enough, you begin to give when you are in lack.’

It is that pain of giving from your lack that makes it sacrificial. You don’t really feel a big deal when you give from abundance because you could care less. However, it is when what you have left means so much to you that it actually counts. For example, sharing your last $100 dollar bill with a beggar and maybe giving him $20.

Take a close look at people who are true givers and you will find that the universe supplies all they need for life in abundance.

However, while giving is an activity that is a blessing to the giver all on its own, there are ways to give correctly.

How To Make Your Giving Effective

There is a science to give.

Sometimes you hear people say “But I am a giver in my church, I do this and I do that” and yet nothing is happening in my life.”

The reason nothing is happening is that they have not learned the correct way to give.

Here’s the truth: Most people give in order to gain social validation. They like to make others feel they are nice and caring.

They are not really giving to help a soul, they are only giving because they want to be recognized as givers.

It’s good to let others know you are showing a good example, it’s good to let people see you as givers but you only do that at your own expense.

Some givers get their rewards(instant gratification) the moment they share their giving experience with someone else, regardless of who they are, whether it is your spouse or anybody.

They don’t really enjoy the spiritual rewards that come from giving with a real and genuine intention.

If you want to enjoy the spiritual benefits that come with truly giving, there is only one thing you can do: Make all your act of giving as secret as possible.

Allow no one else to know what you do to help others although sometimes you may be unable to control this. However, in that case, how you respond will make the difference. Do not make your act of giving seem like a big deal, like its nothing.

Be a secret hero as they say.

By giving without an intention to gain attention, the universe interprets it as a true giving. You are not giving because you want to be noticed, you are only giving because you saw someone else in need and you felt it is right and within your powers to offer help.

This shows that your intentions are TRUE, and when you do help another soul, help comes back to you multiplied.

                     Action Exercise.

  • Begin by sharing whatever you have with others who seems they do not have enough. Don’t think you don’t have enough because you actually do.

The wisest thing you can do for yourself once after you begin to plant the idea of prosperity into your consciousness is to begin to align your actions with your thought.

So, if you were really living in prosperity, supposing your dreams have come true, and you’ve had all you once desired, what would you be doing for the less hopeful people?

Whatever you come up with, that is what you must begin to practice. So, by giving and sharing freely with others, you are acting like the person you want to be, in a way that shows prosperity and abundance.

As Budha once said, Wealth is not of the purse but of the heart.”

  • Always make your acts of giving a secret. If it is possible, keep your helpful acts to yourself. Avoid the temptation of sharing your stories of helping someone with any other person.


Step 5. Action Closes The Gap.

Action is a critical step of changing your life and breaking negative money blueprint

Have you ever heard of the good old saying “Act like the person you want to be“? Well, I just said it a few moments ago.

Here is the reality of it, people grow up and become poor simply because they do learn to act like the person they wish to be.

It’s a very simple process: What do you want in life, re-form your thoughts to align with your new vision, and begin to act in ways consistent with your thoughts and vision.

So for example, if you want to do something really spectacular perhaps change your family for the better, well, you already know what you want but how are you going to accomplish that?

Figuring out how you are going to accomplish this will set your creative imagination processes into action. Whatever you figure out that you can do that will enable you to make a change, move immediately and begin to do something about it, at least one thing each day.

Here’s the thing. Most people will say, “but I don’t know how to do this” or “but I don’t have the skills.” And the answer is this, you don’t need to know how, or even possess the skills initially, just act!

As proven by science and I highly believe in it, any and everything is learnable! There is not a single man on the planet who is born with a specific set of talents and skills. Every talent and skill is learned and mastered over time.

With daily practice, you immerse yourself in that thing that you are trying to be or do.

Here’s another reason most people are poor. People think and say they do not have enough time to devote to learn something new.

Now, let say you start working by 9am, end by 5pm and maybe get home by 7pm. However, from 8pm to 2am is plenty of time for you to learn anything.

The good thing is you don’t even need to spend countless hours daily learning something new. In my own opinion, at least 2 hours a day will be more than enough for you to immerse yourself in a new skill.

Two hours each day in a year will be 730 hours of study. Do you think that will help you learn any skill you want?

Laziness is that the heart of poverty, and that is why many people go through life poor. Negative money blueprint, lack of decision and laziness is the formula for poverty. And anyone is welcome to try these habits.

However, if you wish to stay away from a life of scarcity and lack, then you must be willing and able to address these factors.

                    Action Exercise.

  • You have to act on whatever plan you have that will move you closer to the good life you want. If you have a goal of something you would like to achieve, and you have a plan that you know CAN bring this goal to life, begin at once to act. Besides your plans do not need to be excellent and you certainly don’t need to possess all the skills required before you act. Do what you can do each day.

It may be learning something written by someone else, it can even be following someone who has done what you are trying to do, it might be creating something. Whatever you have to do, do it.


Final Thought.

We all have the power and ability to change the quality of our life if we think we are not satisfied with the way we are living.

Life is short and has to be enjoyed by you. Although most people come into this world and inherit a set of laid down beliefs transferred to them from virtually everyone they know as young infants.

However unfortunate, these people never summon the courage to challenge their beliefs and so it stands as a barrier to the good life that we all wish for and deserve.

If you want to change the quality of your life and create more stability in your life especially when it comes to making money to look after yourself and those you care about, you need to begin by looking at your beliefs about money and spotting negative beliefs that can set you back.

Once you identify these beliefs that often comes in form of a thought, you can, therefore, begin to change them and start replacing them with more positive thoughts.

Over time, once your positive thoughts have been accepted, it becomes your new beliefs and therefore begins to attract all the things necessary to achieve your set goals.

Just the same way a negative belief can work its magic to keep you in lack and scarcity without you even knowing, same way will a positive belief work mysteriously to get you what you require for life.

There is magic in believing. What you need to do is have the right kinds of empowering beliefs.

The above steps will establish a new financial blueprint for you if you chose to follow and apply them of course.

Pick any one of them that seems applicable to you, make a plan to act on it, and begin to act on it. Remember, action closes the gap between you and the person you want to be.

Keep in mind that you are created rich, but to live rich, you must decide that.

Now, its time to ask you that BIG question! What is your money blueprint?

I hope this article inspired you. Although I didn’t intend to keep it this long, I hope I didn’t take too much of your time.

If you have any questions bothering you, just leave a comment below in the commenting session with your questions.

Before you leave, there is only one thing I will appreciate you do. If you found value in this post, then I will appreciate it if you use the “like” button. Let me know if this article helped you. Also, share it your friends and relatives who may also benefit from it.

With that said, thank you so much for spending your time with me. I will see you next time. Bye!




















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