How To Cure Malaria Fever And Be Free Without Taking Any Form Of Medication With 4 Steps.

4 proven ways on how to cure malaria fever and be free without taking any form of medication.

How to cure malaria fever with 4 powerful steps without ever visiting the doctor or taking any kind of medications.

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According to data provided in the chart below, there were over 2.5 million+ death recorded from the year 2000 to 2015. Deaths caused by malaria fever.

tips on How To Cure Malaria Fever And Be Free Without Taking Any Form Of Medication With 4 Steps.

Diseases are killing us like flies every day.

Is this what we have been created for? Does it mean we cannot take control of our health and our lives without having to depend on the hands of fate?

What if nature has provided us with good and perfect health regardless of the number of global warmings and every other natural disaster that threatens our existence as a global family?

In this post, I am going to be revealing some ways you can use to take personal responsibility for your own health, without having to worry about fever or depend on the medics for good health.

But, before we delve into that, just a brief disclaimer:

This article does not serve as a guarantee Disclaimer on How To Cure Malaria Fever And Be Free Without Taking Any Form Of Medication With 4 Steps.that you will magically become healed if you are sick. Go and get good treatments for yourself first.

However, here are what you are going to learn:

  1. You will learn how to be in control of your own health so that you will never have to fall ill or be in the hand of fate.

  2. How to condition your mind to bring you the good health that you deserve.

  3. How to keep your body fit and healthy at all times.

You ready? Boom! Let’s jump right in.

As human beings, our systems are designed to withstand even the toughest and harshest conditions but too often the reverse is the case.

We have heard of cases where people mysteriously survived even the most dreaded diseases.

Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with a virulent form of testicular cancer that spread in a short time from his lungs then to his brain. Armstrong’s chances of surviving were less than 3 percent, but somehow mysteriously he survived.

“The truth is that if you ask me to choose between winning Tour de France and cancer, I would choose cancer. As odd as it may sound, I would rather have the title of cancer survivor than winning the tour, because of what it had done for me as a human being, a man, a husband, a son and a father.” —Lance Armstrong Winner 1999 Tour de France(the most challenging bicycle race in the world.)

The placebo effect, for example, is a new way medics have long found to treat patients much more effectively compared with the traditional way of treating patients and it is gaining popularity every day. 

In this process, patients simply believe that a treatment or process will work regardless of what the treatment actually is. For example, they may take something that looks to them like a real drug for a migraine headache but is not and still get cured without actually taking an actual drug like ibuprofen(a drug for migraine.)

However, the whole idea behind this post is that —regardless of the religion you belong to— is this:

Our minds and bodies are interconnected, and whatever goes on in the mind is reflected outwardly in our lives, and we are much more powerful and special than we think we are.

From the time we are little infants, our minds begin to work, learning, gathering new data about us and our environment, building our self-concept, forming our beliefs and performing much more tasks.

Too often what we learn is that it is natural to fall sick, which is true because if we think about it, we see and hear of people falling sick everywhere. We even witness the sickness of a loved one and so on…

From there, our minds begin to form the belief that sickness is a natural part of our life, and that we can be sick “no problem” as long as we rely on the doctors and other external sources for our well-being.

And so, this becomes a part of our belief system: the idea that it is a natural thing to fall sick. Keep in mind that our beliefs determine everything that happens to us in life.

From how rich we will become, to who we end up with as life partners, to how peaceful we become in our world etc.

Everything begins with our belief.

So, because we believe that it is ok to be sick, we do not realize our own powers as humans. We simply give our powers away to conventional beliefs.

Countless numbers of studies have shown that an individual’s perception determines the programs that run in their genes. So if you think that a particular disease runs in your family, then it is your thought that creates that program and makes you vulnerable to such ailment at any time. Not that it is a fact that the disease actually runs in your family.

If we believe that sickness is a normal thing people experience in life, then we become susceptible to sickness, and we release harmful chemicals in our bodies that makes it difficult for our body to resist or fight against harmful pathogens that may infect and cause it to become sick.

What can we do?

Here are 4 Ways We Can Use To Cure Ourselves Of Illness Without Taking Any Form Of Medication:

While these are very powerful techniques all on their own, we must learn to follow them accordingly in their order of importance.

Step 1: Never Listen or Agree to the Symptoms.

step one on: How To Cure Malaria Fever And Be Free Without Taking Any Form Of Medication With 4 Steps.
I refuse to listen to you telling me I’m sick.

As humans, we tend to listen and agree to the things our minds tell us. We make the terrible mistake of thinking and believing that everything our mind tells us is absolutely true.

So, we not only allow our minds to make conclusions for us but also we allow it to deceive us.

For example, maybe I have a terrible headache and my temperature is running really high, the next thing my mind tells me is that I am having symptoms of a fever.

Because I believe whatever my mind tells me (not having the courage to question it), I begin to think it is true that I am having fever symptoms, and that I could become sick any moment, so the next thing to do is get myself treated.

On a very normal basis, this is how our minds have been trained to work. And we might even think it is, in fact, true what our mind is saying, that we are indeed having these symptoms, otherwise we would not be having headaches and running temperature, right?

But here’s the catch: This is how our minds trick us.

Because we have not learned to master our minds, we allow our minds to master us. Telling us whatever it wants and making us believe in it.

Note: In reality, our minds cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined. It simply accepts whatever we think as true.

So, when we feel the symptoms of an illness, and we think it is actually true that we are ill, then we make that statement true for ourselves, and we give away the same power to restore and recover our healths naturally unless we have to go the doctors.

Here is what you must do:

Never accept whatever your mind tells you as true. If you are having symptoms of any kind of ailment, it is because you have allowed the thought of that ailment to remain in your mind over time, and because of that, the mind will always reflect back to you that state of mind, whether or not you remember or even believe in it.

We all have the power to choose health over sickness at any point in time. So, even if you feel sick today, do not accept the fact that you feel sick. Tell your mind over and over again that you are strong and healthy.

Remember what we said earlier that our minds are very good at learning just like babies learn. Repeat something to a baby over and over again, and that baby will pick it up.

Likewise our minds. If you tell the mind something over and over again, it will get to a point where it finally accepts it as true and begins to act on it.

As humans, we do have the power to take control over our lives, direct our health and well-being the way we choose. And all that power lies in our minds.

Napoleon Hill once said: “If you want the mind to pick up an idea and to form a habit, you’ve got to tell the mind what you want over and over again, no end to it.

When we stop listening to what our minds tell us regardless of our physical conditions and instead begin to plant in ideas about what we truly want in life in our mind, then we can say we are now taking back powers in our own hands because remember, the mind does not tell the difference between what is true or false. It simply accepts —as commands— and acts on whatever we think repeatedly. So command it wisely!

Step 2: Keep Your Mind Positive About Your Physical Condition.

step two on: How To Cure Malaria Fever And Be Free Without Taking Any Form Of Medication With 4 Steps.
it requires a healthy body and a positive frame of mind to be fully present in nature.

Once we stop listening to what our minds tell us about our own physical condition, the next thing we can begin to do is keep our minds positive especially towards ourselves and our well-being at all times.

Keep in mind that the mind and body are one system connected together. Whatever goes on in the mind is reflected outwardly on the body.

This is why it has been proven that negative thoughts of hatred, anger, envy, etc, can actually release harmful chemicals in the body which in turn can make us sick or even prone to early death.

Knowing that our minds do not differentiate between whether or not we are healthy or sick, and that it simply accepts the thought that is dominant in it and uses that to create our physical experiences, will it not be wise for us to trick our minds into believing that we are healthy and strong at all times even when we are down instead of allowing it to trick us into believing we are sick?

The mind does not actually know if we are sick or not. But because we feel the symptoms of an illness, it is easy to believe we are sick or going to be sick when it tells us like it is.

Keeping our minds positive towards our physical well-being—thinking good health at all times—programs the mind to attract good health to us, whether or not there is an outbreak of Ebola virus or Lassa, our minds do not care.

The reason for is this is that any thought or idea repeated in the conscious mind over and over again is taken over by the subconscious mind and acted upon immediately.

If what goes on in our mind is thoughts of poor health, then we are invariably causing our mind to attract to us experiences that will lead us to not having a good health, either in the form of keeping unhealthy diets, or generally acting in ways that will be harmful to our health.

We have just begun to unlock the hidden potentials of the human mind—what our own minds can do— and the fact that we can enjoy a life of abundance of good health has long been validated.

Throughout the world, people are thriving in good health and general well-being simply because they became aware of the powers of their minds and how to actually use it to create whatever it is they want in life.

You too must endeavor to enjoy this great reservoir of potential available to you as a human. Whatever you want in life(good health, prosperity and so on…) can be realized. All you need to do is plant the thought in your mind and nurture it constantly all day every day.

Here’s what you must do:

  • Write the following 5 statements down on paper and carry it with you everywhere you go, reading it to yourself at all times:

I am healthy, I am strong, I am fit, I never fall sick,  all of the organs in my body are functioning perfectly.

The idea is for you to fill your mind with the thoughts of good health, and never listen to what your body is saying, whether or not you are going through temporary pains or illness. Only allow the good thoughts of what you truly want to stay in your mind.

Occasionally, your mind may tend to trick you with thoughts of you being sick, just ignore and discard it. Do not interact with it nor even try to defend against it. Bring out your paper one more time and repeat the words you have written to your self.

Keep on doing this until those words have been memorized, and you can easily and automatically think them without having to hold your paper. The more you repeat these statements to yourself, the stronger the belief it forms.

Your goal here is to get your mind to believe in it so that you never believe in sickness or disease, only good health, and abundance.


Step 3: Teach Your Mind To Believe In Perfect Health.


step three on: How To Cure Malaria Fever And Be Free Without Taking Any Form Of Medication With 4 Steps.
I am ready to enjoy perfect health

Just like we said earlier that our minds are capable of learning and that everything we experience in life is a collection of what our minds have learned over time, therefore, will it not be wise to teach the mind empowering beliefs about ourselves and how we want our lives to look like?

The mind is perhaps the most powerful thing in the whole universe and we all have it. “The mind is everything, what you think repeatedly you become.“— Buddha.

However, the experiences we face in life are just reflections of what goes on within us.

By teaching the mind empowering beliefs like the statements listed above, the mind begins to adopt a new model and gradually discards the old one. The one that has made us believe in sickness and diseases as natural things in life.

We have always attracted the things we are conscious of, we just don’t realize it. For example, if we are conscious that there is always lack, and that there isn’t enough, then our minds go to work attracting to us, the circumstances, situations, events, and people that will match the things we are conscious of.

Recession, bad economy or even losing your job can be one of the ways your mind will make sure you experience the thoughts and emotions you have planted in it.

Similarly, if we are conscious of the things we truly want in life like love, abundance, good health, joy, happiness, etc. Then it attracts these things into our lives. This means we become what we think about all day long.

But, how do we become conscious of the things we truly desire most in life?

Very simple.

How we become conscious of the things we want in life is exactly how we became conscious of the multiplications table in pre-nursery schools.

By repeating the two times table in our minds day after day, our mind picked it up and we became conscious of it to the point where we can say it in our sleep.

However, because we were not used to repeating the higher multiplication tables, it is hard to answer questions like seven times fourteen without using a calculator.

Similarly, we can teach our minds empowering beliefs by repeating certain words and phrases to our mind each and every day, until we are conscious and sure of it like our two times table.

Sometimes, we do not believe in the positive things we tell ourselves. For example, a person may say I am healthy but does not really believe in it. And that is the beautiful thing: you don’t have to believe in it first.

Just by repeating certain words over and over again in the conscious mind, it will reach a point where the mind picks it up and molds it into a strong hard-to-break belief system.

That is why a man can tell little white lies until he himself believes in it.

Here’s what to do:

  • Practice imprinting empowering beliefs about your health daily. One of the wisest things you can do is not to wait until the next time you fall ill before affirming good health.

Begin today to plant the idea of good health in your mind. Start to teach your mind how to be healthy every day by thinking and being grateful for your health, regardless of what state it’s in.

  • Be grateful for the state of your health. One very powerful thing you can do is instead of complaining and worrying about your health like most people do, begin to give thanks for the conditions of your life.

Whether or not it is how you want it to be, be grateful for that state of your health every day. Science has shown that the feeling of gratitude tends to attract other things to be grateful for.

So, a wise thing to do to ensure a life of a smoothness and good health is to be grateful for our health every time, whether in good health or in bad health.


Step 4: Keep Your Body Active And Fit.

step four on: How To Cure Malaria Fever And Be Free Without Taking Any Form Of Medication With 4 Steps.
You choose how you appear

This is the part that most of us do not like to hear, but I will tell you like it is (SORRY!)

Keeping our body physically active increases our chances of well being. Too often we claim to not have the time to exercise our bodies but we do have the time to run to the doctor when diseases strike.

Personally, I workout every day even the times when I felt like falling sick, I still proved stubborn and didn’t give in to the impulse of lying in bed after 5 AM in the morning.

Now, I am not asking you to do the same because you might not be used to it just yet, but I was once the guy that hated the idea of working out every day because of how uncomfortable it made me feel, until I found that it was among the most important personal investment I could ever make.

Science now proves that the benefits of exercising each day go way beyond having ripped chests and breath-chilling abs, but also, the cognitive effects it enhances.

Resilience, great mental focus/clarity, fitness, increase in physical, emotional and spiritual sources of energy just to name a few, are among the benefits of working out daily.

How much exercise do you need to enjoy all these?

Well, not much.

15 — 30 minutes of aerobic exercise each day can change how our brain works. Just by waking up in the morning, and getting our heart pounding can dramatically improve our mood for the whole day.

You may not find it fun (like me) to stick to daily exercise routines like lifting weights or running certain kilometers daily but by taking baby steps each day, doing the little things like walking around the block, we may develop greater interests and strength for more serious routines like running certain distances.

Do not let the feeling of discomfort discourage you. It is natural for our brains to try to guide us from those things that make us feel discomfort, but if you really wish to not only live a healthy life, but also thrive in a world that is filled with sick people dying and also the chances of falling sick, then you have got to take responsibility for your personal well-being, and one way you can ensure that is by training your body daily.

Here’s what you must do:

  • Incorporate a daily workout routine: Make plans to exercise your body every day. Set specific workout goals and ignore the impulse of not keeping to them.

If waking up early to workout makes you sick, that’s ok, at least it was like that for most of us too, but you must begin forming your new habit by telling your self every day that you love to wake up each morning and exercise.

This is not about setting alarm clocks or keeping it away in order to motivate you into getting up and hitting the gym because we know that many people who did not stick to their daily routines tried that.

However, our goal is to plant the habit first in our minds so that it becomes more automatic and without too much conscious effort.

Keep repeating this statement (I love to exercise my body every day because I respect my body) every single time and your mind will pick it up and use it to form your new habit of acting in ways that improve not just your health but your life.


Final Words:

We all have great reservoirs of powers and potential waiting for us to use.

If we are not making use of this unlimited stream of fresh power then we are missing out on the things we are supposed to be enjoying in life and we are selling ourselves short.

Since we now know that our minds have the ability to create whatever we choose, we can, therefore, teach our minds to create just the things we want in our lives and for our world and ignore the things we do not want.

The above steps do not guarantee that you are going to become magically cured if you are sick, but it teaches you how to respond to your physical conditions, and with the right frame of mind, you can, therefore, overcome the things that make you weak in spirit or make you fall sick.

It is my intention that you receive this message with an open heart and take it for what it is worth.

Apply the above steps to gain back control of not only your health but your whole life.

But before you go…

Share some love if you found this article inspiring. Hit the like button below or use the commenting session if you have questions or you simply want to make suggestions which are highly welcome.

And more importantly, if you have someone who is likely to benefit from the content of this article, kindly share it with them too and spread the energy.

I really thank you for your time, and I hope you have an amazing day.

Bye for now!



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