How to Be Mentally Fit With 7 Not-So-Easy But Highly Rewarding Steps

Not so easy steps on how to become mentally tough

7 Powerful steps on how to achieve mental Fitness.

Hey, my friend. Thank you for reading this post.

In today’s world, eating junk and not going to the gym as we all know has a bit of consequence in us especially in our physical appearance.

The reason people get overweight and obsessed is not because of what they take in, it is actually the result of what they do not take out.

So, imagine if you are consuming high sugar diets daily, and you don’t do any form of physical exercises. It makes the condition even worse, true or false?

According to an article published in Healthline, too much sugar in the body leads to inflammation and also a major cause of cancer. And not finding a way to reduce those contents in our body makes it even exactly vulnerable to diseases.

To naturally reduce this risk, one has to physical condition himself to burn out excess sugar from the body, especially through exercises like walking, jogging, or doing any other form of exercises, which could increase overall wellbeing.

However, to gain mental fitness, the analogy used above just applies in the same sense.

If my life is not going the way I want it. If there are issues bothering on my mind each day: Perhaps I need to buy new clothes for the kids, or I need to pay the bills, or I need to fix my car, or I need to get new healthcare, or I don’t understand my girlfriend anymore blahblahblah.

If our minds are constantly pondering and reflecting on the things not going well in our lives, well, it is actually because of two main things basically:

First, it is because we have not learned that we are responsible for the very conditions in our life, and second, it’s because we have not learned how to correct them.

Our minds and bodies are one and the same and what goes on in the mind is expressed in our physical experiences.

Each and every one of us has the power and the will to adjust the things going on in our minds and clear out the things in our minds that make us feel sick, tired, worried and even depressed.

Simply put, to be mentally tough is to be conscious and aware of who we really are. To be able to stream our own thought processes and block out the things we don’t want in our lives from entering our minds.

To live a life of happiness, good health, satisfaction etc we must learn how to control our minds especially against the forces that try to steal these desires away, for example, lack of purpose, indecisiveness, worry, fear, doubt etc.

Much like physical fitness requires actively training the body and muscles, to live a life of complete bliss is not only possible but also requires training the mind.

Being fit does not imply only our physical condition, but also our emotional and mental conditions as well. We know of some persons with ripped chests and breadth chilling packs, but totally weak emotionally and spiritually.

They either suck as lovers or they lack creativity as partners. And the reason for this is that they have only trained their physical muscles but never learned to train the other parts of them that make them whole and complete—I am speaking of their mind and spirit—.

When the mind, body, and spirit are all working in a good and harmonious condition, then we can truly say we are fit and we are free.

But how do we get there?

How do we become mentally fit to withstand life’s challenges and simultaneously create the life we truly desire?

Well, the following steps I’m about to outline will give you a jump start to your own journey of self-discovery.

7 Powerful Steps To Gain Mental Fitness

Step 1 ⇒ Open Your Mind.

Step one on how to achieve mental fitness is to be completely open minded

Life is a series of experiences and adventures. The journey never ends and we never stop to learn.

But how would you learn if you are the type of person that does not question the cause of experiences?

How would you learn if you are the type that, when something bad or strange happens to you, you begin to worry and complain about every single thing? You never seem to accept the fact that life is sometimes tough for us all, but we choose what we make of it.

The first step to gain mental fitness is to accept the fact that in life, we do not know what will happen an hour from now, or at most know what will happen next week. Anything can, in fact, happen and we have to open our minds to that fact to be able to accept whatever happens and direct them accordingly.

Not to expect something bad happening to us, but to adjust our attitudes and behaviors if something bad should happen. Basically, you can call this a defense strategy.

Most people do not learn from their experiences simply because they do not open their minds. They expect life to go this way, and then when it goes the other way, they are utterly worried and confused, feeling down, closing their minds from learning from the very experience that is meant to teach them.

They do not realize that the wind blows indefinitely, in any direction, likewise our experiences in life.

Step 2 ⇒ Inner And Outer World.

Step two on how to achieve mental fitness is to understand more about the inner and the outer world and learn how to use one in creating the other

Shout out to John Kehoe, who first introduced me to this idea of the inner and outer worlds.

So, before I begin to tell you that you are the cause of everything that happens to you. I want you to consider something first:

We are constantly living simultaneously in two different worlds; inner and outer world. The outer world is the physical manifestation of the inner world, for example, situations in our lives, circumstances, events, etc.

The inner world is the world of our thoughts, beliefs, consciousness, emotions, and self-image. The inner world is our world of power.

Whatever thought impressed in our inner world is expressed in our outer world. So, often times, because we lack this basic understanding, whatever happens in our outer world is what we react to.

That is to say, what happens in our lives is what we take in our inner world and go over again and again until it becomes impressed and thus re-creating the same experiences in our outer world.

The Subconscious mind is constantly collecting our thoughts and feelings and constantly creating our futures with it.

Something sad happened at work, maybe you got laid off, and immediately, you take it in and begin to go over it all over in your mind, doubting yourself, feeling worried, feeling your confidence down, feeling utterly confused as to what to do next.

When we think thoughts, we are attracting to us the very element of the things we are thinking about, and the stronger these thoughts in our minds, the stronger it pulls it kindred experiences to us.

So, thinking about the things going wrong in our lives means we are indeed giving life to the very circumstances that we do not want to experience merely by going over them again in our minds.

If you want to change the experiences in your outer world, what you need to do is to change how you think and feel about yourself in your inner world first and then, your outer world will gradually adjust to fit your inner world.

You can watch the video below by John Kehoe on this subject, I am sure it will change your life:

Step 3 ⇒ Program A New Belief System.

Step three on how to achieve mental fitness is to learn how to program new beliefs

Too often our beliefs about ourselves and the world are hurting us far more than we know. Whatever you believe in is what manifests for you.

If you believe cancer runs in your family, and that it’s in your gene, then you are in short, opening yourself saying “cancer, wherever you are, I’m open, come and get me” lol.

Thoughts are creating forces in our lives, constantly at work in us. If we become what we think about, then to change our old thoughts, we must first identify the belief behind them.

So, if we think, we never have enough, or that money is hard to make, or that there is not enough money to be made, it is because of the beliefs that we hold about money. We usually believe and see money as a limited commodity even as we live in a world of filled with abundance, where there is so much money for everyone to make.

To change our thoughts and focus them more directly on the things we want, we must first program a new belief in the possibilities of the things we want.

For example, if it is money you want to make, the first thing you want to do is learn how to program prosperity consciousness in your mind. Without preparing your mind to attract money, money will not flow to you. Finally, what you want to do is program the idea in your mind that you are able to make any amount of money you choose.

If you don’t know how to program beliefs, one way to program a new belief in our mind is to repeat an idea over and over again in the conscious mind, until gradually, it begins to sink into the subconscious mind which then forms our core beliefs.

Once an idea sinks into the subconscious mind, it becomes a belief and therefore begins to attract all the elements of that belief.

For example, if you program your mind over and over again with the belief that you are rich, what happens is that, as this thought gets deeply impressed in the subconscious mind, it begins to attract the core qualities of riches and success like confidence and courage to you.

Whatever you choose to have, or do, plant the idea in mind and continually water it with thoughts always directed towards the same end.

Step 4 ⇒ Become Your Chief Personal Guard.

Step four on how to achieve mental fitness is to stand guard of your own thought processes. Be your own chief security guard

Everything that happens in your life takes it root in how you think.

The truth —and the problem—  is that 99.9% of us think with zero conscious attention. We allow every thought—positive or negative—  to get by and enter our subconscious mind where they begin their influences.

To really become mentally fit and live the life that you desire, a very wise thing to do is to become more attentive to your minute to minute thought.

You want to be able to think what you choose, feel the emotions you truly want to experience, and never allow external circumstances to dictate your moment to moment emotions. Basically, we want to cut out thoughts not related to the things we want in life.

We are constantly thinking thoughts, these thoughts are not just something to be ignored and left to chance because they are constantly creating our future right now. As a man, thinketh so he is.

What we want to do is to have an idea in our minds of how we would want our lives to look like, and then hold that thought in our minds for as long as we can, acting in accordance with the thoughts of our true desire at all times.

While holding this idea in mind, temporary circumstances and events may arise to try to discourage us and distract our focus. This is when we need to pay attention to the things our minds are telling us; our internal dialogue.

Before now, you used to listen and believe everything your mind tells you to, now you realize you indeed have the power to control and direct your mind where you choose to focus it.

The reality is that, if you do not learn how to control your thoughts, then every circumstance and events happening around you will always find ways into your mind, whether or not these circumstances have positive or negative effects on you.

The moment we begin to pay more attention to our thoughts, then we can quickly identify thoughts coming from without, thoughts that are unrelated with our desires and so, we can either choose to entertain them or block them from staying on our mind.

Keep in mind that where the mind goes, energy flows. Your mind will draw the things that stay on it to your life. “For the things, I greatly feared has come upon me

Step 5 ⇒ Invest Energy In Things You Have A Passion For.


Step 5 on how to achieve mental fitness is to spend more time and energy doing things that enliven us

So, mental fitness also includes how successful we become in life. You will not be mentally fit if you have piles of bills to pay or things you wish to do and cannot do due to limitations. To become successful in our lives, we want to align the things we do with who we really are inside.

One way to do this is by expending more energy in doing the things we already love to do, and that we enjoy doing.

Most people do jobs that are totally unrelated to who they are inside, for example, someone with a passion for music going to work in the bank.

The effect of this is always tiredness, feeling lazy, feeling powerless, feeling frustrated and forced to go to work. No wonder people return from work on Fridays feeling like it’s an escape from Panama prison.

Such people as you may have guessed are far from being fit mentally, physically and emotionally due to always feeling tired, depressed and weak.

To become really free, you want to stop whatever you are doing now that is not giving you the feeling of satisfaction you want, and begin spending your time, money and energy doing the things that bring you joy.

To focus your energy on developing your craft requires some time because gaining mastery requires time, commitment and patience. However, if it is something you really love and enjoy, the process will not bother you so much. And you will always find it easy to move through the hard times.

If you don’t have a passion for anything yet, ask yourself, what are the things you do on the daily basis that you really enjoy? and then listen and watch carefully everything you do, from how you sleep with how you eat to how you dress etc. You will find out the things you do that gives you joy. Whatever you find out is where your passion is and that is what you want to cultivate.

Step 6 ⇒ Learn To Take Timeouts To Recover And Recharge.

Step six on how to achieve mental fitness is to learn to take time off to recover and rechardge

It is true that we want more results in our businesses and careers, and it is important to work our ass out. That may be true for some, however, the brains creativity is enhanced when not under pressure.

To get you the results you want, you must learn to take time at intervals where you do not think about work but just do something mundane like taking a walk in nature or spending some quality time with yourself doing nothing work-related.

The purpose of this is that working too much and not giving ourselves adequate time to relax and recover is like shooting out legs in the foot.

It is something we would not want to do to someone we truly love, but we do it to ourselves.

In the book The Power Of Full Engagement, Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz pointed out that 60 — 90 minutes of intense focus followed by shorter minutes of recovery allows for optimal performance.

Often times, because we think we have so much work on our tables, and no time to rest, we feel powerless and not in control of our lives. We do have the power and support if we want to decide how we ultimately live our lives.

Love and respect yourself. Give your body the right treatments it needs so that it can, in turn, serve you even longer. You have the power within you to choose how your life goes, what kind of job you do etc.

Step 7 ⇒ Be grateful for life.


Step seven on how to achieve mental fitness is to learn how to be grateful for every area of our lives.

It will take a whole new article to explain the effect and benefits of gratitude so I suggest you read here if you want to know why you must be grateful.

Other than that, gratitude helps you come in unity with life. Not trying to force life on your expectations but showing appreciation for everything that happens around you and in your life.

Too often we worry when things are going wrong than we show gratitude for the little things that we already enjoy.

A father feels more inclined to show more kindness to a child that is more appreciative than the others. True or False?

Gratitude will take your pains and burdens away just by deciding to let go and instead be grateful. Nothing happens in your life as well as mine by chance. There is always a perfect reason, however, if you don’t know that, then you will worry and feel depressed every time something is going wrong.

Keep in mind that everything that happens in your life, happens for your good.

To be fit mentally, you must let go of the daily experiences in your life that puts a weight on you and just be grateful for any and everything that comes your way.

My Final Thought.

These steps are not very easy as they seem I know, but with practice and commitment, anyone can master them and thus become fit mentally, physically and spiritually.

Spiritual blessings always come with a price, a sacrifice that you must be willing to make. However, no matter what the price is, the results always outshines the price you paid.

Apply the steps if you decide to be mentally fit, and watch how a single decision can revolutionize your entire life.

It is my intention to bring value to you with this guide on how to be mentally fit and enjoy your life never feeling depressed, stressed out, worried even in the face of your oppositions like most of us do and live an ever joyful life.

If you found this post inspiring, show your appreciation by hitting the share button and helping others know exactly what they need to know to live more fully and happily.

Oh, and by the way. Don’t forget to leave your questions and suggestions if you have any. Questions are typically answered within 72 hours due to other activities on the schedule.

With that said, I appreciate your time and have a blissful day. Bye.














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