4 Easy Tips On How to Develop a Prosperity Consciousness.

Seeing it in your minds eyes is one step to developing a prosperity consciousness

4 easy tips on how to develop a prosperity consciousness that anyone can implement regardless of where you are currently in your life.

Hey there, thanks for checking in to read this post, and I appreciate your time.

In a world teeming with an abundance of everything we can ever want or desire to have, it is still very sad and unfortunate that a lot of persons actually settle for the meager things of life.

Why don’t we share in the everlasting abundance of the universe? Why do we go through life lacking the things that are designed to make our lives sweet and more enjoyable?

The fishes in the sea enjoy an overabundance of supply of their daily needs. The birds of the air enjoy the limitless freedom to fly wherever they want?

Why do the animals of the field never lack food to eat or water to drink?

Again, I ask the question, why do we choose to go through life not sharing in the beauty and abundance that we ought to enjoy and is entirely our right to enjoy? For “Ye are made in the image and likeness of God”

Everything is in overabundance.

Hopefully, with this post, we shall be able to learn and understand two major key concepts, mainly:

  • Why the poor will get poorer and the rich richer.
  • How to make our minds more favorable to attract prosperity to us.

So in the meantime, grab your cup of water because we are going to have fun with this.


I think the major reason why this topic is really important for anyone who desires to create more prosperity in their life is that without a prosperity consciousness, no matter how strong your desire for riches and wealth may be, ain’t never going to happen.


Well, every truly successful person understands that success and riches begin from the inside out.

In other words, they understand that true riches, as well as success, is independent of external circumstances, therefore, it depends entirely on the inner world to create it. You carry your success or failure everywhere you go said Emerson, writer of the book Intune with the infinite.

Without this initial inner world creation, there can be no outward manifestation of riches and prosperity, because, every effect we see in the physical world has its cause in the inner world of thoughts.

To cut the long story short, if you want to enjoy more prosperity in your life, if you want to live a prosperous life, you must first begin to live it in your mind before it can ever find ways and means to manifest itself in your material world.

Everything moves from the spiritual (quantum) world of thoughts to the physical world of effect. This is the great secret of life.

Whether or not you are aware, everything you are experiencing in your life right now is the manifestation of your own vibrations of thought.

One last word before we look at the tips I want to share; find out how you want your life to be and begin to live that way in your mind, block out moment to moment realities that is not an expression of your earnest desires.

You want to start programming the things you want in your mind as often as possible.

So, there are basically 4 tips I want you to be aware of if you want to experience more prosperity regardless of whatever it is you do, and while I am not guaranteeing they will be a quick fix, I think if you take this advice and implement it in your life, the time will come when you will realize a shift in apparently every area of your life is taking place as a result of these tips.

4 Tips To Develop A Prosperity Consciousness.

Step One: Plant Prosperity Seeds Thoughts And Water Constantly With Repetition

plants good seeds if you want a good harvest. Likewise, think good thoughts if you want a good life. Your thoughts are seeds.

We attract what we think about most of the time, and the more we think a particular thought, the more we give it life and power to either harm us or help us later in life.

So, I like to think of thoughts as seeds. You know that if a seed is sown in the ground, regardless of what type of seed is sown, it’s only a matter of time before the seed sprouts and begins in search for sunlight, right?

From there, it continues to grow as long as it remains attached and connected with its source of life.

Now, I want you to understand something, every time we think a thought, it is as if we have planted a seed which in our case is a thought seed.

This thought seed begins to grow in our minds attracting other similar thoughts to it. And the more we think that thought, whether or not it is either positive or negative, the more we give it power and life. The more it begins to form stronger and broader connections in our minds.

I like what Ralph Waldo Emerson said in his book In Tune With The Infinite (highly insightful): Send out your thought, thought is a force, it has an occult power of unknown proportions when rightly used and wisely directed.

Thoughts make us what we are said the Buddha.

Now, if you are not experiencing the kind of prosperity you want, it is because your thoughts are still riddled with scarcity consciousness.

That is, instead of thinking with a feeling of prosperity, you think with a feeling of scarcity and lack.

When we think about scarcity, we attract scarcity into our lives. Like attracts like.

To correct this, we want to override thoughts of scarcity or lack with thoughts of prosperity and abundance.

For someone who is a beginner in this science, this step one is perfect for them because first, it gives them the belief that they can do it, and second, it makes it easy for them to practice.

What you want to do if you are not experiencing the prosperity you want is to begin to think of yourself as prosperous.

That is, in your mind, you want to see yourself living and experiencing this prosperity you have chosen. See yourself in the ideal environment, with the ideal social influence, in the ideal home driving the ideal car.

Feel the taste of prosperity in your mind first, it is what sets into operation, the forces that will bring you the prosperity you desire.

Naturally, your mind, since it’s been wired with thoughts of lack and scarcity—telling you it’s not possible— will try to kick against this belief at first since it does not recognize it as a part of your belief, however, understand that the mind is a good learner.

Keep repeating this belief to your mind in the form of your mental images. Remember that in the degree that we think a particular thought, to that degree, we give it life and power.  We want to get to the point where we never doubt the fact that we are prosperous even though practically it might be a different story.

A simple affirmation such as “Prosperity surrounds me all the time” repeated over and over again will literally condition your mind to believe and attract prosperity to you.

Your mind can only begin to attract the prosperity you want if you believe firmly in the fact that you are indeed prosperous. Keep in mind that this belief has nothing to do with your external circumstances.

Action Tip.

  • Block out at least 10 minutes of your time every day, go somewhere quiet or silently in your mind and repeat the following affirmations to yourself: I am prosperous, Prosperity surrounds me, there is an abundance for me and everyone around me etc.

Our thoughts and words are very powerful as confirmed by countless research. What we think affects us more than any other influence we receive externally. So plant your thought in your mind and water it repeatedly with the same thoughts.

Step Two: Act In Accordance With Your Thoughts.

Align your and your actions if you want to develop a prosperity consciousness

In creating what you want, you want to be able to keep your thoughts, words, and actions in alignment at all times.

What does this mean in connection to having a prosperity consciousness?

Well, if you think about it, if you have a strong belief in something, your actions must be able to show for it right?

Take for example—I’m not a big believer in hard work— if you are the type that works really hard, it is because you believe in working hard, and so your actions speak for itself.

Likewise, in developing a prosperity consciousness, you want to be able to act in ways that suggest abundance, in a way that suggests prosperity. Let your actions demonstrate who you think you are.

If you want more, then give off yourself more. Your giving more comes from the belief that there is already more.

Do you really understand what a prosperity consciousness is? Well, it’s simply a state of mind that sees and recognizes prosperity everywhere. Having such a belief, a consciousness, that there is more for already provided for you prompts you to act in ways that reflect this inner awareness.

It becomes really easy and automatic for you to give off yourself, your energy, as well as your money because you feel there is enough for you and all.

Most people will never think they have enough. They literally take their day to day experiences of not having enough and use that to re-condition their minds that there is not always enough.

And when I say most people, I was once like that too. And the reason for this, the reason we suffer is that because nobody really teaches us what we ought to know about life, and so, it depends whether you find this for yourself or not.

The mind, always acting on our thoughts and feelings, accepts whatever we are planting in it and use it to attract to us the perfect circumstances and situations that match our beliefs.

Here is a trick you can play on your mind, figure out how you would act and behave if you are already prosperous? You are not going to be selfish with your time and money if there was an abundance of these. Are you?

I mean, you easily give that which you have an abundance of right?

Once you’ve figured this out, begin to live this way not only in your mind but through your actions. By doing this, you bridge the gap between who you are now and who you ultimately wish to be.

An action step.

  • With your imagination, picture what your life looks like supposing you are now living the prosperous life you choose. The subconscious mind works well with vivid images of our desires.

What are your actions like? What are you doing with your life? Who is benefiting from your prosperity? and so on… Ensure your actions are once that are in congruence with prosperity and abundance.

Step Three: Become Open to Prosperity Suggestions.

becoming open to prosperity suggestions is one way to develop prosperity consciousness

An important point to note if you are seeking prosperity consciousness is that you must recognize that there are prosperity and abundance all around us.

We live in a world that is supplied with an overabundance of everything we can ever aspire to have or do.

If you look at the banking buildings, for example, what do you see? Well, I see a house that is filled with people’s money.

That’s to tell you that there is money being made everywhere, every second of every minute, money is moving in and out.

So, one way to become open to this suggestions and align yourself with prosperity is to simply go to the middle of whichever city you live in, and take a look at the beautiful houses there. The people living in those houses are just like you. Not different from you.

Feel the energy of success, silently affirm “prosperity” to yourself.

Recognize prosperity everywhere. Always keep your mind on finding prosperity everywhere because what the mind focuses on, it attracts. A good affirmation for this is everywhere I turn, I see prosperity.

Your goal here, therefore, is to surround and align yourself with energies of success and prosperity so that you can create that vibration of energy within you that will attract prosperity and success to you.

Just as negative energies are contagious and we must avoid them as much as we can, positive energies are also contagious.

Just by exposing yourself and your mind to the feeling of prosperity around you—created by other minds— you set in motion, forces within you that will attract the elements of your focus.

An action tip

  • Align yourself with the energy of prosperity. If you cannot go out to the middle of your town to experience what it feels like to be living in an environment surrounded by prosperity, then go to youtube or google and simply search for beautiful cities to live in.

When the results pop out on your screen, absorb the energies of success and prosperity from the images. Feel it as though you were actually out in the middle of the town. Imagine yourself driving through the city.

The reason for this is this, your mind does not tell the difference between what you are actually seeing and what is unreal like the youtube images you feed your mind with.

It just takes whatever you plant in it, much like the soil could care less about what type of seed you put in it.

Step Four: Replace Thoughts of Scarcity With Thoughts of Abundance.

replacing thoughts of scarcity with thoughts of abundance is a key step in developing a prosperity consciousness.


Naturally, we are thought from day one either by parents or by the society that life is limited in what it has to offer us.

We not only take this belief and live with it, but we even pass it on to others and the circle continues on and on…

Sad but true, most of us think about scarcity more times than we stop to consider the abundance that actually surrounds us.

For example, you want to do this, but you don’t have the money to do it. Immediately, your mind begins to remind you of all the other things you have not being able to do due to the fact that there is no fund.

It does not end there, you actually think these thoughts each and every day, reinforcing the same belief that you don’t have enough, instead of thinking in terms of what we truly want.

No wonder we create our experiences in life. The story of mankind is people who are actually selling themselves short. Said Claude Bristle.

It is very easy to think of scarcity if that is what you are experiencing practically.

However, your power comes when you cease to listen to what outside circumstances are whispering to you and instead begin to give your own commands as to what you want. Power comes when you cut yourself off from outside influences and condition your mind with the beliefs of what you want and desire.

Begin to think prosperity thoughts that will ultimately override the thoughts of scarcity in your mind.

Then, it just gets more interesting. Pay full attention to the thoughts in your head, so you can spot thoughts of lack and replace them immediately with thoughts of plenty. Guard your mind with full diligence, out of it, flows the issues of life.

So, for example, if your mind tells you there is not enough due to the fact that you are practically not having enough, do not accept that. Change it to the thought that there is more than enough for you.

Remember what we said about the mind? It does not differentiate between what is real and what is imagined.

A study actually concluded this to be true: If a man performs an activity like running, neurons in his brain fires. However interesting, if he watches someone else does the same thing or he imagines it, many of the same neurons will fire again as if he was doing it himself.

Bear in mind that your mind will always kick against new ideas and beliefs formed for the first time which is completely normal.

If you bring a child into a big new house, initially, the child plays around and around until he gets missing—he can’t find his way around—. However, with time, he begins to identify the paths and way to take.

Likewise in developing a prosperity consciousness, do not make the mistake of fighting with your mind. Just allow your mind to throw any thought at you, and if it is negative, or something about your present state of lack, then don’t listen. Just ignore.

Don’t try to defend your thoughts. Simply ignore a negative thought and pretty soon, your mind will not pick up on these negative thoughts that it used to throw at you.

An action step

  • What you want to do is to mount guard on your thoughts. Monitor every thought and identify which ones contains any elements of scarcity for example fear, doubt, laziness? All of which are elements and kindred thoughts of scarcity.

Final thoughts.

To live the life that was meant for you, First, you have to live it in your mind before it ever materializes. Do not make the mistake of living your life in the hands of fate.

Come into harmony with the prosperity and abundance that surrounds us each day.

A mind that is not favorable to prosperity and abundance—a mind buried in thoughts of fear, lack, envy etc— can and will never attract abundance to it because all over the universe like attracts like.

I know you can master these tips if you practice it consistently without giving up on your dreams.

My goal is to provide you with guidelines that you can apply and follow to get you the specific results you want, although you will have some work to do. This shit doesn’t come easy!

Well, I hope you find the above tips of value and useful if you wish to actually apply what you have learned. If you are not clear, throw your question in and we are more than happy to assist.

Before I forget, if this message is of value to you, it means it could be of value to someone else you know. True or false? Share it with your friends and you can save a soul from lack.

Also, you can like it if you want. Helps me know I did well in serving you.

With that said, I appreciate you for your time and I will see you again. Bye.


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