These 3 Habits Will Transform The Life Of An Introvert.


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So, as we already know, habits are the major factor that transforms the life of an individual, this is true since it appears to be that a huge part of our life is dictated by our habits.

Og Mandino in his book, The Greatest Sales Man In The World puts it this way, “Good habits brings an individual closer to success in life, while bad habits, easy to form and hard to live with, move one father from success.”

While our habits help define and create our futures, an introvert that is sure to be successful and powerful in life has these habits in their toolboxes.

If you are someone who prefers solitude and can easily do without social interactions and would like to take the challenge of becoming the best that you can be, then I will strongly suggest that you begin to practice and develop these habits for yourself as it will elevate you in life. 

However, if you already practice these traits as a way of life, then I must applaud you for your boldness to be different. And I encourage you to keep up the good work as it will surely pay off.


Habit #1. Reading.


Reading is an intricate part of real powerful introverts. 

“Be nice to a nerd, chances are you will end up working for one.” —Bill Gates

If you have an introvert guy that is highly obsessed with reading, stick closer and give him some hats off, he knows where he is going, and he will surely get there. 

Throughout history, real great men have been interviewed thousands of times, to determine the major cause of their greatness, and what was found in common of these  men was that each developed the habit of reading and learning new things at a point in their lives, and they never missed a day without reading even when in the hospital.


This article is not to criticize extroverts or people who enjoy social gathering—everyone has the right to live their life as they chose for themselves— but if you think of it, most people will find it extremely difficult to devote an hour every day to reading and expanding their horizons. So, for an introvert to have the will and actually do it, it is something to be proud of.

One major factor that makes people get the most benefit from countless hours of studies is the fact that,  99% of them reads with a goal in mind. They study with a specific objective in mind. Either to learn a new skill or to gain more awareness about something, but either way, they all read with a goal in mind. 

It not only makes them highly focused on the subject at hand, but it makes them digest information as easy as soaking a sponge with soapy water.

Keep in mind that this one difference that separates the average reader from the genius reader can be engineered. And the way it is engineered is as follows:  

  1. By writing down a precise reason, why you are picking up a book to study in the first place.
  2. By understanding the potential value studying the book will provide.
  3. By being clear on the importance of reading the book in regards to your goals(long term, short term.)

All your actions must have a clear reason at the back of it. This invincible quality is what serves as the fire behind every genius.


Habit #2. Harmony.


True introverts have this superior quality

It is great for an introvert to be in harmony with people and everyone around, but the harmony I am talking about here is harmony with the Subconscious Mind. The ability to cultivate a harmonious relationship with his Higher Mind. This one habit sets a true introvert up for greatness in his life. 

It makes him accomplish far more than all of his average counterparts.

This is true since harmony enables him to find superior favor before his other mind(The One Mysterious Mind) and access his true genius.  

Where you find an individual that is extremely calm and seems unshaken no matter the situation that befalls him or that confronts him, understand that this person has a firm relationship with his higher Mind, the One Supreme Mind that governs the universe, and as such, he is not moved by mere reflections of reality. 

In fact, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Eleanor Roosevelt etc,  have become super geniuses because of this simple discovery they made; that there lives within all men, a consciously living infinite intelligence, and that each man can develop an unwavering faith and harmonious relationship with this Immense Force.


Einstein made this clear when he said that all men can tap into their never-ending stream of intuition to get ideas to solve their own life challenges and the worlds.

However, such a harmonious state of mind can be created in the mind of anyone who wishes to reunite with the Father—The Supreme Creator Of All Life. All it requires is for you to consciously open your mind.  

Thoughts are communicated directly to God and they bring back their equivalent realities in the life of the thinker, as the scripture puts it, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Coming to understand this great Truth changes the life of an introvert forever.

Now it makes sense to be an introvert since he is happy being alone but not actually alone. An introvert can more easily and silently converse with his Higher Mind, share his burdens and goals with It because of the fact that he has a strong harmonious relationship with It.


But most people ask, How can I create this mental state?

1. The first thing you do is learn how to be grateful for the simple things in your life. Most of us lose this connection due to our ego choices. We are too concerned with the troubles of getting the things we want in life and often times forget to give thanks for the simple things we already have.

 It is common for every man to go through series of challenges and tests in life, but the simple way to overcome these trials is not to struggle and argue with them but to simply accept them and even give thanks for them, understanding that everything is perfect the way they are.

 I tell you, such a mental state is TRANSFORMATIONAL. It produces an intense harmony with the Mind Of God. You can, therefore, be in this world but not of it. By actually giving thanks for things in life that will usually throw someone else off-balance.

2. The next thing you need to understand is that thoughts are electrical forms of energy, whatever the mind thinks, the body will experience. Awareness is the foundation of enlightenment. By being conscious and aware of your mental processes, you can focus your thought energy more on the things you want and become united with your Higher Self.



Habit #3. Learn To Love.


Introverts are known to be very lovable.

We may not always be found in social gatherings but we are pretty lovely people.


I am yet to see an introvert who doesn’t have some attitude that makes him lovely.

This particular habit, whether the love of God or the love of humanity or the love of something or someone makes a genius introvert very passionate and obsessed when it comes to getting things done. 

Love produces an immense desire and drive that makes failure seem impossible to us. 

Most times, it is the love of love itself that makes introverts rise to the top. That love of being a part of something greater outside of him. 

Love conquers all. 

However, a mind can be so dominated by love, when all thoughts of fear, hate, pain, lack have been washed off. 

A mind void of all negative emotions allows the mind to function optimally.

Negative emotion like loneliness or bitterness held in the mind hampers the mind from operating at its most brilliant levels. You need to focus on the thought in your head, as thoughts attract thoughts of a similar nature. Thoughts of hate or fear or loneliness will ultimately attract similar thoughts but in higher or lesser degrees, while thoughts of love and compassion will only attract more and more love.




These 3 habits once cultivated will propel the life of an introvert into a truly powerful human being. 

Neuroplasticity, as a branch of neurology, has long identified the ability of the brain to form and stick to new habits when repeated often for a certain period of time usually 30 – 90 days. 

Being an introvert means you are a gift to your world, you only need to harness that gift, and forge yourself into a great, confident and powerful human being that you were born to be. One that will change the world.

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College Education Might Be A fucking Waste Of Your Time For This Four Reasons.


the majority of college students do not figure out their life's purpose so they follow the fate of the rest world.

Hi there, thank’s for reading this post.

College education is something I really like to talk about as it relates so much to me.

Most people who have not yet discovered what they want to do with their lives often tend to give in to the norm, you know, “go to school, get a degree and get a decent job.”

I was one of those people myself.

And one of the things that terrified me, in the beginning at first, was the fact that most people I knew who dropped out of college later realized they had made the worst decisions of their life by dropping out.

Is this how it’s going to end up for me? I usually asked myself.

If you are deciding to go to college or whether or not to drop out of college, you are not sure what to do with your life.

What if things don’t work out?

Here is what I’ve got to tell you.

First of all. all those I knew who dropped out of school and was later kicking themselves for dropping out had no reason why they were dropping out in the first place, and no reason for choosing the particular field they chose. They simply got tired of the stress and hardship of studying for countless boring hours.

It’s very simple, if you don’t find a good reason for doing something, you may not have the strength and the inner motivation that you need to draw upon when the times get tough, and that is exactly what happens when people quit school without having a back up definite plan to execute immediately.

No wonder, most of the advice I got when I dropped out of college in the 2nd semester of my final year, was that I should defer the program so that I could always come back to complete it.

That wasn’t a bad advice you may think. But here’s the wrong thing about it. All those people around you what cannot do something important with their lives tend to make you think you can’t do something important for yourself too. They always believe somethings are just impossible.

That is the kind of advice that comes from people you would normally call “losers,” and as you may know, they will always want to drag you along with them.

If you are deciding to get into college not to fulfill your heartfelt purpose(something you have a deep passion for) but because you are not sure of who you are and what you are meant to do with your life, then I hope the next few minutes of reading this post will give you some food for thought and hopefully help you find balance with your life.

Before we dive in, over 80 percent of people you see on campus don’t know why they are there. Most of them tend to think and believe that the only way to succeed in life is to go get a good degree, get a good job, and save for retirement. This is the way most people are usually set up for life.

What you need to ask yourself is “Do I need to work for 40 years of constant 9—5 five times a week to save up for retirement?” Unfortunately, this is what the majority of people do. And the reason for this is that most people have had their minds conditioned to believe that the way to succeed is by going to school, obtaining good grades and then file an application to a company who will employ you IF they find you fit.


In My Opinion, There Are 3 Basic Misconceptions About Going To School That Most Don’t Seem To Understand.

1. You Should Go To School To Be Successful In Life.

Here’s the thing, If I knew early enough that this was, in fact, a lie, maybe I would have dropped out in my 7th grade.

And here is the reason I say that.

This post you are reading now was typed on a Windows 8.1 computer which wouldn’t have been made possible by Paul Allen and Bill Gates who are both college drop out.

Now after typing this post, I am going to save it in my one drive cloud account which would not have been made possible without same Microsoft.

If at the end of this post, you decide to share it to inspire your friends on Facebook or Twitter, I want you to know that you are able to do that because folks like Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey dropped out of college and decided to focus on their dream of connecting the world together.

What am I trying to say?

First, It depends on how you define success.

If going to school was a sure guarantee for success, then I wonder why there are billionaires and millions of self-made millionaires in America alone who dropped out of school.

Studies show that America’s least educated folks are responsible for more of the business created in the U.S. Also As of the end of 2016 for example, CNBC reported that there were 10.8 million millionaires in America, most of which are college dropouts.

Of all this success report, here’s one thing I have to say regarding that. Success in life comes from one thing. Doing what you love to do.

2. You Must Get Good Grades To Get A Decent Job.

This is one of the myths that most people actually believe to be true.

Take my word for it, 90 percent of people who flies first class have less than or no college certificate at all. You don’t need to go to school before you find yourself something that really pays well, let alone having good grades.

The primary purpose of going to school in the first place is to provide your immediate needs and be able to provide a better life for yourself and the people around you that depend on you by getting a decent job. Providing for yourself and your loved ones is something you are naturally designed to do and you don’t need to depend on a college grade to fulfill this purpose.

In my opinion, depending on a college grade to get a job and be able to provide food for your family is a sign of giving away your powers as a human being. Unfortunately, that’s what’s going on out there. You are born with an infinite potential to succeed in life. Nature has already equipped you with all you want for life before you got here. When you don’t realize that, then you think you need to have to go to school and get the best grades to become successful.

As it turns out according to this survey, the majority of successful businesses are owned by independent business owners with less than high school diploma. People who didn’t wait to get good grades from school before they can put themselves to use.

What these guys have that made them so successful is self-reliance, willingness to take risks and a vision.

“Good grades may feed you from month to month, but brain power will give you the key to life.” —Alex.

3. Leaving School Is The End Of Learning.

Most people believe—and I used to too— that once they left school, that would be the end of reading and learning new stuff.

Not True!

Bob Proctor, world renowned speaker made a clear statement that, “In the time of change, the learners will inherit the earth and the learned will find themselves beautifully equipped with the knowledge to deal with a world that no longer exists.”

Life is constantly changing, hence the need to put your self in a position of constantly growing and learning new things.

As a matter of fact, leaving school should be the beginning of learning, because this is when real life kicks in. The theories learned in school have no place for application in the real world. So, the earlier you begin learning practical stuff to truly succeed in the real world the better for you.

Over 85% of the things you learned in school will do no good to sustain you in a world that is constantly changing and evolving, and if you as an individual is not learning constantly and growing, then let’s face it, you’re not really living life. If you are not growing, mentally, physically and spiritually, then you are dying. That is just the ugly truth.

You need to know that life is in a constant process of growth and change and that the earlier you buy into that and start looking for ways and means to constantly better yourself, the better it will be for you and your future.

Reid Buckley said. “You must try to constantly improve your skills and abilities, if you don’t, somewhere someone is, and when you meet him you will lose.”

There are 5 Questions I Would Like You To Ask And Answer For Yourself If You Are Deciding To Go College Or Thinking About Dropping Out.

1. Do You Know What You Really Want In Life?

if you have no purpose with which you wake up and get to, you have no life.

Virtually 90% of the people you meet on campus are there because they have been told and guided by the people they look up to—parents, relatives, etc— that going to school is the only route to a successful and happy life.

They act and copy what everyone else is doing, not knowing why.

Unfortunately, these people buy the advice, get to the end of the road and then discover that there is nothing more to it.

Utterly disappointed, they are completely shocked, things have not turned out the way expected it would, simply because they have learned to follow the guidance of others not learning to follow their own inner guidance.

So, I am asking you.

Do you know what you want with your life? What kind of lifestyle do you want to have a few years from now? You cannot take advice from someone who is not an example of who you want to be.

Be laser clear on what you want with your life. No one else is going to decide for you. You alone can decide the direction you are headed in life. Failure to do this, chances are you will be blindly led along with the millions of people who are wrongly led down the wrong paths in life.

Action Tip.

Get out a paper and pen, write down what your life would look like assuming everything was perfect a few years from now.

2. Is Going To School In Alignment With Your Vision?

you have to align your actions to your desires

You have visualized your ideal future, the next question is how are you going to achieve this dream?

How certain are you that going to school for 4 years is going to get you to your goal?

If you look at your goal, what is the relationship between going to school and the future you are visualizing?

If there is no co-relationship between spending 4 years in school studying a particular field and achieving your goals and really living the lifestyle you want, then you’ll be going to waste a very important time of your life.

For example, let say you imagine taking vacations 3-6 times a year with your spouse and living in beautiful waterfront homes, and the way you are going to achieve this dream is by helping to save people’s lives. This is what you’re passionate about.

Going to school to study medicine will probably the best way to achieve this goal because you will be passionate about it, in which case, you could be among the best of students studying that field of discipline because there is a deep emotional connection going on.

Often time, this is not the case.

Most of the guys and girls on campus have no ideal future that they are striving to pull off. Worst of all, many give up on pursuing their dreams because they have grown to believe it’s impossible to achieve what their heart desires.

Be sure you know what feels right for you.

Action Tip.

Look at your goal, make sure it is what you truly want—regardless of whether you think its possible or not— and decide whether for sure, going to school will grant you this wish. Be very honest with yourself.

If after looking at your goal and deciding that going to school does not offer the best way for you to accomplish that goal, then you know that’s a sign trying to lead to through the right path. You must therefore decide to listen and let your heart lead you.


3. Is Going To School Going To Give You The Life You Want In The Shortest Period Of Time Possible?

young girl on a yacht admiring the beauty of life.

Another thing you have to consider when you look at your goal is, will school be the shortest route to your dream? Will your years in college bring you success within the shortest frame of time possible?

What will happen to your goals and dreams if you actually spent the next 4 years of your life learning and improving daily with your heart and mind in a craft you’ve always wanted to do or learn and you are passionate for? What will the effect be on you?

You’ve got to be very clear on this.

This is quite different from going to school and learning something you have no emotional connection with.

Sadly, 95% of people you see around campus don’t know what they are actually signing up for.

If you think that getting a good job after school is going to make you a millionaire, then you are looking to spend 25 years of your wonderful life, waking up before 6 am daily, eating breakfast on the way to work, working hard through the day, and not having enough time and freedom to give your body the perfect rest that it needs to function more brilliantly.

And if you are not lucky, you may not even get a satisfying job on time or at worse you could get fired from the one you have.

Ask yourself, is this what you are put on this planet for? Is that the kind of life you are created to live? Don’t forget that life was given to you to enjoy and not to strive.

Be honest with yourself.

Many people suffer in life because they have never been honest with themselves, they know what they don’t feel good about but still go ahead and do it, neglecting their gut feeling which yearns to lead and guide them on the right path.

4. Are You Sure You Want To End Up Working 9-5?

Man tired of working and having to cope with annoying situations at work

No matter what your grade points are if you are going to get a job, it means you are going to end up working 9-5 to help build someone else’s company by contributing your values.

Jim Rohn said, “if you don’t make plans for your self, you will probably always fit into someone else’s plan.” 

Make a conscious decision whether this is what you want or not.

Why not be your own boss instead of being on someone else’s employee payroll?

Most people enjoy the work they do and they are happy doing it, however, you must follow your heart. You cannot make a decision based on other people’s perception.

As a young guy, I never liked the idea of working all year, 40 hours per week for someone who ends up paying me only 12 times a year and inhibiting my abilities to be creative and productive for myself. I have always thought about living life on my own terms, doing what I love to do with my life.

Extra Tip.

Your decision regarding what you want to do with your life is something you must approach with courage. 

Without courage, you do not have the guts to face reality.

You may not like the idea of going to school because you feel there is something better you can do but you are scared to make that decision.

Your heart is the best guidance system you can ever rely on.


5. Do You Have A Problem With Freedom?

Going to college and working 9 to 5 is not a guarantee for freedom. You can chose to be free everyday.

“I’d prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.”  —Thomas Jefferson

Who wouldn’t love to live a life of freedom?

Would you prefer sitting in the courtroom on a Monday morning trying to defend a psychopath who shot his wife, when you can be chilling in a resort in Costa-Rica sipping a glass of champagne?

Who would not want to be at the gym in the morning and receive alerts of cash flowing in different sources of income?

Who would not want to live a life free from worry and depression?

Our purpose on this planet is to experience the best that the world has to offer, and not to live like servants all because we need to earn money to look after ourselves.

Most people never get to experience this type of life because of indecision and fear.

They have actually bought the ideas sold to them by people in their lives, so they spend the rest of their lives working for money instead of having money do the work for them.

Final words.

I am not suggesting that going to school is a bad idea because I am glad I went through the system, but you have to be sincere with your self to really decide what you want with your life.

What kind of life would you love to have, assuming everything was absolutely perfect?

Be clear on what you want and start drafting out plans to make it come to life.

If you are going to spend 4 or more years in school, make sure it is something you are passionate about, and you have a vision for it.

If not, if you don’t feel right about going to school, if there is something you feel better at, that is a sign that you will probably do well and have more success with that. Don’t try to deny yourself the expression of your own unique gift because we all have it, if you do, you are going to spend the rest of your life kicking yourself and wishing you had followed your heart earlier. This is the cause of most people’s regret in life. They had the time and opportunity but didn’t take it, now it’s over and there’s nothing left to do.

If you go through the above questions and answer them honestly, you may realize that spending 4 years is a deliberate waste of time because, in 4 years, you can learn any skill of your choice that will bring you closer to achieving your life goal.

I hope this post has inspired you to look more closely at the direction your life is headed. If it did, like it to let me know that it served you.

If you have any friends or family members who may benefit from this post as you have, then help share this post with them or direct them to join other readers on this site who are changing their lives.

Thanks again for reading this article. I had a fun creating it for you. Until next time, BYE!

its always better to walk down the journey alone with your own thoughts and decisions. No one else can make the best use of those for you.

How To Move From An Introvert To An Alpha Male With These 4 Powerful Steps.

A happy introvert always find pleasure being by himself with mother nature.

“In order to be open to creativity, one must have the capacity for constructive use of solitude. One must overcome the fear of being alone.” — Rollo May

Hey my friend, welcome to this article.

Being an introvert should never make life a boring experience but an exciting one. One reason I am particularly happy with being an innie at one point in my life is the opportunity it gave me to figure out my direction and purpose in life. Something I will forever be grateful for.

My intention for creating this post is to help you understand that, being introverted is actually an opportunity most people never have in life. I say this because I know there are people who would prefer to spend the most of their times chitchatting, doing things that are practically not beneficial to them rather than investing their time in a more productive way. So by the end of this post, I hope you will have learned how you can actually harness those quiet times you spend by yourself and use it to discover your own greatness. In other words, I want you to learn the unique advantage of being an introvert.

I am sure you are already familiar with the idea that thoughts are powerful, so I won’t even bother laying too much emphasis on that subject. However, this post will circle around the concept and I will try as much as I can to let you understand how you can apply this concept for your own benefit.

If you are like the average guy, you spend at least 80% of your time with friends and acquaintances. That means you barely spend time alone with yourself or to say the least engage in creative thinking.

However, if you are an introvert you already spend up to 80% of your time alone with yourself, even though you may not be involved in any form of creative activity. That shouldn’t discourage you because if you can spend 80% of your time just by yourself doing whatever it is you are doing, then you just might be able to utilize that same amount of time and energy engaged in a more creative activity should you receive a creative idea.

Here’s the thing, if there is anything being an introvert helped me gain was the plenty of time I had to spend with myself to help me figure out and gain a better understanding of my life and my purpose in life. And that is basically what this post is about.

Before you begin to harness your quiet moments, there are some never-changing principles you will need to understand more about yourself and about life. Once you learn these basic principles, what you will thereafter do with your time and with your thought is up to you.

As said; I can only show you the way to the stream but I cannot force you to drink even if wanted you to drink from the stream.

In other words, these principles are strictly based on practical experience, that is, do not read these principles and do nothing about the ideas you will learn, else, there will be no result for you to enjoy. It will make all the difference to you should you decide to apply them in your daily life. So, with that said, let’s get right into it.

Principle #1.

You Are Not Your Mind.

“Your mind is just an instrument, learn to be its master, not its slave.” – René Descartes.

It is safe to say that, even without being an introvert, your mind is always wandering. Your mind is always cluttered with thoughts all day. And here’s the thing, unless you learn to control your mind, it can run you pretty crazy.

A person who has no understanding of the inner workings of the mind will accept anything suggested to them by their minds. They will, in fact, accept everything the mind says as true.

It is therefore important for you to know that you are not your mind. Since your mind is always busy with thinking, you should become aware of what you are always thinking and allowing to sink into your subconscious mind.

It is said that where the mind goes, energy flow. As such, if you are unconscious of the thoughts you’re having, then you may be filling your life with things you may not want.

Every thought that goes on in your head is recorded by your subconscious mind. Not only does It record them, but also creates your moment to moment realities with the thoughts you entertain in your mind.

An important thing to know is that your mind cannot tell the difference between positive or negative. In other words, it doesn’t differentiate between good or bad. It will simply take whatever you chose to place your attention on. It will take whatever you focus on.

Since thoughts are forms of electrical energy, they create magnetic fields which attracts the things you think about.

Why am I saying this? 

Most introvert usually thinks of themselves in a way they shouldn’t. I’ve heard introverts who claim to be lonely and always bored. If you are one of them, then I will strongly suggest that you change such negative thought patterns. If you think you are lonely, and that is the program you are feeding your brain, then you are the cause of your own loneliness because your brain will for you according to the programs it is receiving from you.

What should you do?

Well, if you feel you are lonely, understand you have already created loneliness for yourself through your negative self-talk programming. The next thing you can begin to do is to change that program to a more positive program. Since your mind learns, it is important that you teach your mind that you are not lonely, that in fact, you are a very fun and lovely person to be around. You can also teach your mind that people find joy and happiness when they are around you.

Because the mind is magnetic, that is to say, it attracts what goes on in it, by thinking these positive thoughts, it begins to attract the experiences that actually makes you actually feel like a fun and lovely person. However, if you keep on feeding your mind with the thoughts of loneliness and other negative thoughts you may be entertaining, then that is what will be your experiences in life.

The most important thing you need to become aware of is that any thought or idea that you repeatedly think in your mind over and over again is taken over by your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind, therefore, begins to attract the things you think about into your life, which are manifested in your outward experiences.

It rests with you, whether or not to plant in wonderful thoughts in your mind, or to plant in thoughts that will bring you problems in life.

Let’s say you are always thinking of yourself to be lonely. What you are doing essentially is crafting a self-concept of loneliness. This is like the raw material for the creation of your outward experiences. What this self-concept does is it begins to attract the circumstances and situations that make you feel lonely all the time.

Keep in mind that there is always a specific cause for every experience in your life. Your awareness of this truth will awaken you and give you back the power to take back your life into your hand. Your thoughts are the cause of every experience you will ever have in life.

Action Exercise.

  • Be attentive to your thoughts, learn to check every thought you find yourself thinking, put a label on each one, whether “positive” or “negative” and resolve to always discard the negatives. For example, if your mind suddenly projects a negative thought to you, maybe tells you something bad is going to happen to you, instead of taking this thought and thinking of it to be true as most people will do, simply ignore it and then put a label on it and tag it as negative.
  • Practice giving your mind positive instructions every time regarding what you want to have manifest in your life. Your mind is a powerful instrument of creation. Use it wisely. For example, if there is something you wish to do in life but you are not very sure if it is possible. First, you need to understand that everything is possible for you. Second, form the habit of flooding your mind with the thoughts of who you want to be or what you want to do. How you will go about this is simple. Maybe you want to do something great for the world or generations to come, you need to plant the idea of greatness in your mind. Repeat as many times as possible “I am helping people all over the world.” Remember, you don’t need to know your dream is going to be possible.

Principle #2. What You Think About You Become.

“What you think you become. What you feel you attract. What you imagine you create.” — Buddha.

This, I’m sure is not a new idea to you.

It wasn’t new to me at first, but I began to gain some better understanding of the science works.

As you begin to think a thought, gradually it begins to form your belief. Your belief then begins to form your habits and your habits form your behaviors. Your behaviors then form your destiny in life.

It is really a simple science. What you are today is the direct product of all the thoughts you have had over time, consciously and unconsciously. Where you are going tomorrow will be determined by what your thoughts are today.

Sigmund Freud, the Famous Austrian and neurologist brought the world’s attention to the hypothesis, “that there is a powerful force within us, an unilluminated part of the mind, constantly at work, molding our thoughts, feelings, and action.”

This “unilluminated part of the mind” however, is what you may refer to as God.

It is a consciously living being present inside all things and all things are present in It. It is the essence of who you are as a human. It can be likened to a gigantic computer to which anything is possible. It is aware of all your thoughts, words and actions. What you give to it in the form of your thoughts is what it gives you back in your life.

Action Tip.

  • Go here to listen to an audio clip by Earl Nightingale. You become what you think about.
  • Form the habit of thinking the right thoughts and keeping your mind always focused. For example, most people know how to think positive thoughts but don’t know how to keep their minds focused. It is one thing to think positively and it is another thing to focus your thought energy on the things you want. It requires your will to be able to focus on a specific outcome that you want and block out irrelevant thought coming randomly to your mind.

Principle #3. There Are Natural Laws That Governs the Human life.

Another principle you need to become aware of is the natural law of cause and effect.

This might be one of the most important laws you will want to make a study of.

It says this; with every effect, there is a cause. And with every cause, there is an equal effect.

There is no such thing in life as accident or fate or chance or luck.

Human beings will coin a word term to explain concepts they have no understanding of. For example, the words “luck” or “fate.”

The “cause” in question here is your thought, and your results in life are the effect.

Every thought you think has the ability to produce its material or physical equivalent.

For example, as an introvert, you will often need to have more money to support yourself and those you love and care about. What you need to do is study the cause of the successful, why the successful become so, and implement those principles in your life too, so as to enjoy the results that the successful enjoys.

And one of the most important secret to financial success is having a mind that is favorable to attract money.

The reason you see too many people especially in the corporate world, working hard but have nothing or little to show for it, is because of their negative beliefs or thoughts about life and money.

It need not be said that a negative thought will produce a negative result. There are no two ways to it. So if you must be a powerful introvert, you need the ability to think and act like the successful so you too can become powerful, successful and influential.

Perhaps the easiest way to achieve this is to relentlessly focus all your energy— mentally and physically on a desired object or goal— casting away thought of unimportant nature.

Action Tip.

  • This post is not about the law of cause and effect, but if you would like to gain more understanding of the law, then you can check out this post by Adam Sicinski.

Principle #4. God Is In All Things.

This is another important principle I was fortunate to have learned.

There is an infinite presence which lives inside all things, In which all things live.

Let me ask you.

Do you sometimes feel bored and alone?

Yes, we all do. But that was before I found that indeed I am never alone.

Neale Donald Walshe in his best selling book, conversations with God made it really clear that God, in fact, not only lives inside all things but lives through all things. That is to say, the life you are living right now is not yours but God’s, even though you may feel it’s your life.

Majority of people make the critical mistake of living as though they are responsible for their own lives. Of course, you are responsible for the things that happen to you in your life. However, you should become aware that God has created the life for His own use. In other words, God seeks to know Itself through Itself by being Itself. Put more simply, you are living your life right now as a favor to God. That is what is meant by God living through you.

This is quite an outstanding discovery for me and will require you to study and understand who you truly are by being called “Human Being.”

Why is this important?

Everything you will ever want in life; Money, love, joy, peace, health, wisdom and understanding, is already present in you. However, if you are not aware, like the majority of people, then you will be seeking these things outside of you perhaps for the rest of your life. And you may never find them. In the scripture, it says: “Seek first God’s kingdom and every other thing will be added.” Well, that is what it means.

However, once you realize this great truth, then you move into harmony with the infinite mind of God. Once you become harmonious with the mind of God, then the things you desire in life also becomes harmonious with you and begins to move to you effortlessly. This is so since God is simply the essential pure energy of the universe and it is ever present in you.

However, for this to work, you must really believe that this infinite energy is indeed there and that you can trust it to work for you.



The bottom line is that you are not what you think you are. You are a powerful human being to which anything is possible.

And as an introvert, I believe you have an opportunity to not only harness your personality type to be of blessing to yourself but to your loved ones and to other human beings. What you really need to do is understand who you truly are, and that is one thing that is very possible for you. By spending 15 to 30 minutes every day just reflecting on the idea, it begins to open doors for more ideas about who you are and the world you’re living in.

You have all that is required to live the kind of life you truly wish to live and it all starts with how you spend your time as well as how you think.

Make certain that you harness your quiet times to create the life you want by thinking creatively. As you already know, every thought you think will be manifested in your outward life.

Get in the habit of learning more about the laws of life because that is the foundation of living an all-around successful life.

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